Journey Concessions Are No Longer Travel Agent Secrets

We all know that travel agents get privileges on their travel, but little do we know how much exactly these privileges are. In fact, the total economy that tour agents get on their tour are among the best kept journey agent secrets. Well, the truth is, travel agents get privileged savings of anywhere between 50% and 75% on their total travel expenditures.

Did that come as a bit of a shock to you? But that is absolutely true. Tour companies do not mind giving huge chunks of admission to their esteemed tour agents, and there is good reason for that. The travel agents virtually run the entire tour business for any trip providing company.

Let us look at it this way. When we have to arrange a holiday for ourselves, how do we go about it? Nine times out of ten, we will have a travel agent book everything for us, from the journey to the accommodation to even the sightseeing and food sometimes. The tour agent plans everything for us, and we do not even know what tour company we are going with, until the time we get our confirmation. That means, the travel agent runs the show, it is they who decide which tour company services to promote to their clients in most of the cases.

That is why tour companies treat travel agents like their bosom buddies. Travel agents are given many perks by these companies, including free packages of their tours, just to get the proper knowledge of how the tour is conducted so that they can promote it to their clients. This are the travel agent secrets, the travel agents give business to the companies, and the companies provide them with luxuries such as almost free tour packages.

At every stage of the journey, travel agents are given concessions and even free privileges. They are provided almost 50% off on airfare and hotel accommodations, and are given free entries into theme parks and movie halls, etc. In addition, they are given free upgrades on their travel packages and cruises for as low as $35.

Now, these are no longer travel agent secrets. You can easily become a tour agent and get a travel agent card. This card will entitle you to all the benefits that travel agents get. And the best part is, you don’t actually have to do business. Just being a certified travel agent is enough to avail of the privileges.

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Get Rich Benefits Learning Travel Agent Secrets

Tour agents have several secrets up their sleeves which they will never be willing to explain you. The fact of the matter is that the tour agents most of the times pay less than 50% of what you would pay for an entire trip. The tour companies provide their services to travel agents at very low costs, the very same travel services for which you have to pay through the nose.

The tour business is a huge business today, with stakes of about 4.7 trillion universal each year. However, most of the business is Effectuating not through promotions, but through direct hard-selling by the tour agents. Travel agents are very great for the success of any travel business; and companies who do not make good relations with their travel agents will definitely flounder. This is the reason why travel companies take almost regal care of their travel agents.

Tour agents get several concessions during every part of their vacation which ordinary people cannot even think of. The following are just some of the perks given to them:
(i)More than half rate concession on accommodation in hotels
(ii)More than half rate concession on airfare
(iii)Free upgrades to first class
(iv)Complimentary meals and drinks
(v)Huge discounts on rental transport
(vi)Free tickets for movies and other places of entertainment
(vii)Cruises at as low as $35 per day
(viii)Half rate concessions on entry to theme parks

Hence, becoming a travel agent can save whopping sums on each holiday. That is the reason why several people are becoming travel agents and taking tour agent cards which are availing them of these huge benefits, which could come to about $20000 for a person who has at least two foreign vacations per year.

Today the travel agent secrets are brought to the common public. Which are also making it possible for people to become travel agents and get the benefits of it. You can get a travel agent card in as less as fifteen minutes on this site, and with the minimum amount of documentation. Almost everyone is eligible to become a travel agent and one of the best travel agent secrets here is that one does not have to actually be into the travel agent business to get the benefits of the card. You can just sit at home with a card, and get all the concessions that are given to the travel agents.

On an aggregate, travel agents get concessions of about 50 to 75% on each travel. Today this is no longer a travel agent secret. Everybody can become a travel agent and get these premium benefits.

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Travel Secrets For The Ordinary People

The travel industry today is a 4 trillion dollar industry, which is by no means a small figure. This huge industry works only because there are many travel agents out there who are recommending services of certain travel companies over others. There is great competition among the travel companies to woo the journey agents so that they may advise their names to their clients. As a result, the travel agents end up getting much better nibbles from the share.

But now, these are no longer travel secrets. Almost everyone knows that travel agents get privileges like no common man can imagine on their travels. Travel companies are keen to make the travel agents get familiarized with their packages and for this reason, they may also send their travel agents on dissimilar holiday packages, just to get the feel of things. Travel agents are often on holiday several times a year, and this is business for them. But what’s most important is that, they are going on these vacations at a very discounted cost, or even free.

So, among the best journey secrets to know, this one certainly tops the list you can become a tour agent sitting at home, and can make great profits by saving on your travels. Did that grab you? Well, it should! By becoming a travel agent, you stand to save as much as $500 per holiday of yours, and that’s no mean saving, to say the least. You will get huge concessions about 50% off on airfare, travel and accommodation, rental vehicles, etc. In addition, you will get cruises for as low as $35 and will also get free tickets to shows and theme parks.

If these admission benefits in travel packages are really making you excited, the place which can make you a journey agent in 20 minutes flat. You will become a certified travel agent and will be able to learn their lingo and walk their walk. That means, you will become a real travel agent and will be able to organize tours for others, and get huge commissions on the same. Plus, your own travel packages will be virtually slashed in prices to about half or even more. Also, you will get some great tips on buying consolidated packages from airlines and hotels, which will make much more savings possible for you.

Here’s one of the last tour secrets, you can become a travel agent sitting at home, and get stupendous cuts on travel packages. And you need not actually enter into business. Just having the travel agents card is enough for you to avail of the benefits. That means, even if you do not want to become a travel agent to conduct business, you should become one just to get the mega benefits available to them.

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